Some figures

Philippe took over Domaine Beauséjour as a whole in 2002, after having worked on it in GAEC with his parents (Jean-Paul and Colette) for 15 years. Thanks to this experience, his yields on the 20 hectares-vineyard now reach:
- 60.000 litres of white wines from the Sauvignon grape-variety.
- 40.000 litres of red wines from Gamay, Côt and Cabernet grape-varieties.
- 20.000 litres from the Cabernet grape-variety

The wines are bottled on the property and marketed all over France through the different usual means: restaurants, cellar-men, private, GMS.

More than 50% of the sales are export .
Philippe and Véronique sell their wines mainly in Europe to: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and England.
They also sell to Japan and the U.S.A.


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