Beausejour Wine-growing estate: its history...

At the heart of the "Kings' Valley", country of the good life, an outstanding vineyard unfolds along the banks of the river Cher: Touraine.
Here vine-growers are noble-hearted men!
Their roots are deep into their vineyards. They have given the new generation, not only the taste for well-done work but also the taste for welcoming and sharing. Their only truth: to preserve genuineness.

At BEAUSEJOUR four generations of vine-growers have left a style and have always wanted the vine and the wine to express themselves completely.
Nowadays, Philippe Trotignon is still working with the same will to respect tradition added to a permanent concern about quality.
Nestled on the Cher hillsides, the vineyard of Domaine Beauséjour stretches on 20 hectares scattered on the rural districts of Noyers sur Cher and St Romain sur Cher.

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