Skill & Technique

The wine-making winery which was modernized in 1980, improved in 1996, and recently extended in 2004, enables Philippe to obtain a perfect mastering of his wine-making process, thus adding more modern techniques to many old ones.

Here we can find all the grape-varieties of the Appellation elaborated with a care for genuineness. They are the perfect representation of their terroirs: that is to say wines with rich fruit aromas, which are pleasant to drink young such as "Les Grenettes" for Sauvignon blanc and "Cuvée Vincent" for red Gamay.
But we also find more assertive wines from the Cabernet and Côt grape-varieties such as
"Vieilles Vignes, L'Excellence and L'Authentique" which tactile and aromatic fullness makes you dream.

  • Au milieu des vignes
  • Les vignes
  • Vendangeoir
  • Les vignes
  • La cave
  • Vendange

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